Nike wristband iPod controllers

Nike wristband iPod controller

Engadget has a report of leaked photos of upcoming Nike gear. Not being exactly the world’s greatest exerciser, I’ll pass on the ability to measure displays distance, pace, elapsted time, and calories, but the

three iPod controlling watch systems including the Amp+, and the so-similar-they-may-be-the-same-product Flight+ and Aero+ (which features voice feedback and a rocking bezel for music control)

have me interested. I currently use a Griffin Airclick plugged into my iPod and a remote controller I keep in my pocket (detailed in this post about my iPod setup. When I bought it to replace a broken Apple wired remote, a friend bet I’d lose it. I did, but found it again a few days later – I really didn’t like being without it and having to dig out the iPod itself to slightly adjust volume or pause/play seems a very unattractive way of going about things. I don’t wear a watch so this Nike looks attractive, at least in theory. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly my style, but even so, I’m tempted to consider one. Engadget reports it will be out May 1st.

Link: Engadget article

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