Picture of iPhone

Time magazine article on the iPhone:

It’s not quite right to call the iPhone revolutionary. It won’t create a new market, or change the entertainment industry, the way the iPod did. When you get right down to it, the device doesn’t even have that many new features—it’s not like Jobs invented voicemail, or text messaging, or conference calling, or mobile Web browsing. He just noticed that they were broken, and he fixed them.

This confirms my impression that Apple’s new product isn’t at base innovative, it’s just (hugely) improving how existing processes are undertaken. See this Gizmodo article for a feature comparison with Windows Mobile 5. My interest is, rather inevitably, in the music interface. Apple’s video shows a user flicking through a Cover Flow interface – I wonder whether that’s the top level or whether a genre/playlist/artist/song level occurs or can be enabled to occur above that. With the maximum drive capacity of 8GB being largely filled by files, pics, OS, etc., I guess there won’t be a huge amount of room for music so perhaps Cover Flow may suffice. Having said that, even three or four Gigs of music would require quite a bit of flicking to locate what you’re looking for.

Gizmodo’s video of the interace

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