iTunes 7: first impressions

screenshot of iTunes 7

another screenshot of iTunes 7

  • I wondered why development of Coverflow had ceased as it was such a promising app, now I know.
    • As can be seen above, the single album view is rather tasty – now if only you could flick to see the back + view the lyrics (potentially) embedded in each mp3 file + view player/production/liner notes – maybe in another five years…
    • Browsing albums in coverflow mode is giving me mucho spinning beachballs (on MacBook Pro) and I’ve not immediately got the hang of it – most albums seem not to have graphics, much of my music’s a bit obscure so the auto iTunes loading of graphics is useless for me. The browser view, which I’ve come to rely upon doesn’t appear to interact usefully with the graphic mode (shown in the lower of the two screenshots above), but maybe this is something I’ll understand with a bit more use.
    • Given the attractiveness of the coverflow option, it’s weird that the ‘show artwork’ window is still available.
  • The movie and tv stuff passes me by entirely (and will continue to do so until I can get high-def downloads of Alain Resnais and Wim Wenders films not on DVD), so I won’t be so bold as to comment.
  • GUI – yikes, gone are the aqua scrollbars, in their place dull grey affairs with vague gradients. Sign of things to come I guess, but for me they’ve gone too far in the direction of making the interface plain – pendulum swing away from the original aqua garishness. Transport buttons, likewise, are rather uninteresting now.
  • All in all, mixed feelings, will post more when I’ve had a bit more time with it.

[Originally published on A Personal Miscellany]


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